Camp Chef vs Traeger 2022: Which Brand Is Better?

A trade-off of Camp Chef vs Traeger is a difficult decision. Here we’re going to take a look at Traeger and Camp Chef grills so you can get the full picture of what these two brands are all about.

In the first place, you will get a review of the highest quality models on the line. And finally, the answer to your burning question Camp Chef vs Traeger 2022: Which one is a great deal?

This article will discuss the debate between Camp Chef and Traeger to help you choose the best alternative between the two of them.

Why Do We Choose A Pellet Grill?

We love wood pellets because they let us choose whether we want our meat to be smoky or tender. Even if you’re a beginner, you can do well with a pellet grill.

Cleaning up is also easy with a pellet grill. Natural briquettes need to be replaced every five days, making this lighter an incredible deal for the environment.

It is very simple to grill hamburgers on a pellet smoker. But if you have no cooking experience, it will take a little longer.

Before we dive into the specifics of their various brands of Camp Chef vs Traeger 2022, you may want to have a quick look at what’s involved in head-to-heading them first.

Brand Overviews

On the market, Traeger is a pioneer of the pellet grill business.

According to some industry experts, pellet grills will be outselling propane grills for at least five years. And whether it occurs or not, the outcome will be discovered later.

But when you see the big player Camp Chef with their name behind multiple times talking about and marketing their direct propane grills, it’s believable.

Camp Chef

Ty Measom had started Camp Chef in the hopes of producing high-quality, compact, and durable products that cooked evenly and could be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Camp Chef

The first appliance offered in the Timberline line is the Pro60, and it has two burners.

The arrival of Camp Chef coincided with the introduction of comparison between Traeger grills and pellet smokers, leading to the growth in sales of both brands.

As our first vote in Camp Chef vs Traeger 2021 poll, Camp Chef is our clear choice. And our reasons are:

  • It’s the top priority at Camp Chef to ensure customers get the best image quality while also delivering affordability.
  • The company’s global timberline models are manufactured in China, and its projects in Cache Valley produce timberline.
  • Because of Camp Chef’s desire to develop premium and durable camp cookware for campers, simple and durable designs became even more popular, so they went on to offer gas grills as well.
  • Today, Camp Chef only offers grills that are compact and foldable.
  • While it’s true that most of this brand’s pellet smoker line is intended for in-home use, it also includes some superb commercial grills.

All in all, the company has set its priorities on affordability and quality as a key component of its own as it has become the big player in the market.

Nowadays, it tests, designs all Camp Chef grills in Utah and produces all appliances in China.


Joe Traeger first created the Traeger grill in 1985 and patented it in 1986.

The Traeger Corporation operated as a monopoly on this line of grills, and it continued to maintain its small business operations by retailing products only from limited locations.


By the time Traeger had withdrawn its patent in 2006, the competition with other manufacturers had increased, causing the company to branch out and grow its original product lines.

Reputation and quality fell after it moved production overseas in 2010

In the months since then, it has focused on building grills, which it later produced in greater numbers.

Its fans have been given reviews for its excellent design quality and well-known technology.

In our opinion, Traeger has retained its place as a popular manufacturer on the market for its perseverance.

Even though it suffered from a few technical difficulties in the past, Traeger is still regarded as the gold standard for excellence and renowned for producing incredible outcomes.

A Complete Brand Comparisons

Before we compare the two brands, here is a list of the main considerations of both Camp Chef vs Traeger 2021: temperature range and control, price, and return policies.

Temperature Range

Every Traeger and Camp Chef smoker can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Camp Chef vs Traeger

It will do the trick when you’re smoking or grilling.

With Camp Chef having the grilling and BBQ mode, it’s going to be tough to compete. It is simple, totally effective, and it works well. Overall, we’re pleased with Traeger grills and griddles.

While all grilling is more convenient, Camp Chef does a better job with its Slide n’ Grill feature. There are great disparities between the two brands in terms of how high or low temperatures they can reach.

Most products feature slow-cooking, braising, barbecuing at high temperatures, or broiling.

Both have a maximum operating temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, Camp Chef operating temperature as low as 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and Traeger to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are industry-wide standards, but Camp Chef offers a Side Box, which can go above and beyond 900 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you have to pay a little extra for the sealed-in flavor of the finished meat.

Winner: Traeger is good, yet Camp Chef is amazing with its Side Box. Camp Chef wins fair and square.

Temp Control


The Traeger smokers can hit the maximum heat of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. All grills feature an exclusive technology – Digital Elite Controller.

The machines also include a D2 controller to maintain a precise and consistent internal temperature. In fact, the latest models come with more comprehensive temperature control than the older variants.

Camp Chef

The temperature controls of Camp Chef are slightly more consistent than those of Traeger.

The Camp Chef WiFi with Sidekick boasts great temperature control and capabilities. It holds temperatures between 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indeed, we like that it comes with a PID controller with a full-color screen for continuous temperatures, intuitively adapting to external and internal changes.

Winner: Based on PID technology, we gladly hand the prize over to Camp Chef.


It appears that Camp Chef is the more affordable choice and takes the prize in terms of price.

While most of Camp Chef’s models start around $700-$1,000, Traeger’s products are mostly available at $1,000-$2,000. Traeger seems to charge more for its reputation.

Winner: Camp Chef is a better choice regarding price.

Return Policies

While Camp Chef has a return policy within 30 days, Traeger provides up to 45 days, along with 365-day customer support.

Traeger outweighs in all fields of service.

Both of them deliver quite a similar customer service at this point. That said, the extra time that Traeger can offer makes you feel more secure with your purchase.

Winner: Traeger wins a point for its excellent customer service.

Final Verdict

Many aspects differentiate the two equally popular grilling brands Camp Chef vs Traeger, and it is hard to choose. But for us, the winner is Camp Chef for its excellent performance in temperature control and better price.

While Traeger focuses on the past, Camp Chef aims for the future. We believe both have sophisticated products that can cover all levels of users, newbies, or experts alike.

Anyway, thank you for your reading. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.