REC TEC RT-700 Grill Review

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You must be seeking an in-depth REC TEC RT-700 review when you are here. This machine is a successor to the iconic model of REC TEC Grills – the RT-680.

Shortly, this version benefits from many improvements over its predecessor in terms of performance, design, and durability, to name a few.

In this article, we’ll go through all of its benefits and drawbacks to facilitate your decision.

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The RT-700 of REC TEC grills can outperform all other grills at the same price. REC TEC has a reputation for being equipped with cutting-edge technologies and other practical developments.

At first glance, it appears similar to other techy barbecues, but when you take a closer look at it, you’ll see that the RT-700 uses high-quality materials besides the advanced mechanics.


This grill of REC TEC is mostly made of stainless steel, ensuring a high-quality, durable, and rust-free product.

On ¼-inch 304 grill grates made of flawless steel, you can secure over 700 square inches in terms of cooking space.

Meanwhile, you have above 1,050 square inches with a free second shelf. And without using the optional shelf, a six wide rib rack would be suitable.

Moreover, you can cook for 40 hours after a single fill with the 40-pound hopper. If you like to apply an inverter thermometer, there’s a probe porthole in the lid.

Accordingly, you don’t have to cover the wires of the probe. The grill hits the desired temperature quickly and maintains it.

What We Like

High-quality Material

Thanks to stainless steel, RT-700 is protected from dust and rain over time. Due to the much thicker scale steel, the RT-700weighs about 80 lbs, heavier than a comparable size Traeger.

WiFi Connectivity

You can effortlessly turn on your smoker with your phone and keep an eye on the temperature remotely while it cooks.

Digital Controller With Smart PID

Unlike most pellet grills, you can adjust the temperature from 200 to 500°F and 5°F intervals, giving you more accuracy. The controller maintains a constant temperature.

What We Don’t Like

Basic App Features

You can take advantage of the appliance to adjust the temperature and keep track of your food’s cooking process. Still, it could be easier when you could set various temperature settings depending on time.

Weak Legs

With the grill’s general consistency, the legs should be much better. When washing the grate, you can feel some wobble, which isn’t too big a problem.

A Complete REC TEC Rt-700 Review

Most people will be content with the appliance’s cooking space and the delicious, smoky taste. REC TEC might be spoiling us by adding more features to the mix.


But we didn’t make this decision on the spur of the moment. We give an account of our findings and expertise in the analysis of REC TEC version RT-700 to help you make the right pellet grill purchase decision!


Compared to other grills, the RT-700 is very simple to set up, operate, and clean. With a hopper capacity of 40-pound, the REC TEC grill can help you prepare food for more than 40 hours straight.

Your griller will immediately light after you add more pellets and turn it on. The digital monitor will signal when your grill is fully lit.

There is a smooth dial-in temperature that can be adjusted in 5-degree increments. You can access and watch your grilling using smartphones or compatible devices if you download and use the free REC TEC app and enable your RT-700 to connect to WiFi.


The features on all of the REC TEC’s grills are essentially the same. They’re distinctive sizes to accommodate the cooking requirements and budget.

On the 1st floor, you have above 700 square inches of cooking space with two easy-cleaning racks. There is enough space for six rib racks.

An extra rack in case you need a little more room is available. It lies above the main grate and adds 350 square inches to the overall cooking surface area, raising it to about 1,050 square inches.

When it comes to hopper size, the REC TEC ver. RT-700 is equipped with a huge capacity of up to 40 pounds of pellets each filling time. Over 40 hours of continuous cooking time is possible with this capacity.


WiFi Connectivity

REC TEC’s grill series is so high-end when it has Wi-Pellet, exclusive WiFi Technology – your grill can be remotely controlled and monitored from your digital device.

By using your phone, you can multitask, such as powering the RT-700, adjusting the temperature, checking the current temperature, or turning it off.

Smoking Performance

In terms of smoker performance, controlling temperature equals the following results. The same equipment is used in industrial breweries and bakeries to keep temperatures consistent enough to provide repeatable outcomes.

However, within a REC TEC, the PID calculates the number of needed pellets thanks to data on temperature and fuel to sustain or exceed the desired temperature. When the set temperature is nearly reached, it’ll begin slowing down the consumption of pellets.

Grilling On The RT-700

It’s easier for you to grill if the pellet smoker is hot enough. However, the REC TEC ver. RT-700 has a tick as well.

REC TEC has sear kits with the RT-700 to optimize your grilling experience. There are three interlocked-aluminum panels that go in place of one in the standard cooking grates.

The aluminum heats up faster than stainless steel, allowing more heat, while the outline prevents burning and produces amazing sear marks.


That’s all about our REC TEC RT-700 review. In a nutshell, pellet grills make grilling simpler and more comfortable, specifically for those long smoking sessions.

That said, they also get a bad reputation from conventional grillers who assume that using them easily is basically cheating.

The RT-700 isn’t for you if you want to add to your workload and show off your cooking abilities during a BBQ party. But it is undeniable that the grill is a good choice to cook tasty and yummy food.

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

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