The Best Smoker Grill Combo Barbecues

The best smoker grill combo barbecues appear in many different types. Each kind has its own functions and specialty to serve specific tasks. You should understand the specifications of each machine type in order to buy the most suitable product.

Charcoal Grill and Side Smoker

Royal Gourmet CC1830F

The charcoal grill and side smoker is the most classic machine combo you can find on the market.

You can notice that the design of this grill/smoker combo is quite simple. The machine burns charcoal to heat up. It also has a smoker box on its side, which you can add wood chips in to make the meat more flavored.

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in making barbecues, you can get along well with this smoker grill combo type. We do not exaggerate, but the machine is very simple to take under control.

This combo usually features automated rigs. These units will support temperature adjustments and ventilation. Thanks to them, you will be able to make the BBQ with the best result.

The Royal Gourmet CC1830F is a good sample of charcoal grill and side smoker. This product features a large main cooking area of 438 square inches and a secondary grilling space of 179 square inches. On the right side of it, the manufacturers have attached an offset smoker that helps you smoke the meat with high efficiency.

Does the charcoal grill with a side smoker have a drawback? Our answer is yes! As all the units of these machines are very hard to disassemble and assemble, you may have to struggle a lot to clean them.

Propane Grill and Smokers

Oklahoma Joe’s 15202029

Another good combo type you can refer to is the propane grill and smokers. As the name describes, this machine runs with propane as its main energy source.

Compared to the charcoal type, the propane machine makes lower heat. However, as this type uses gas to make fire, you are able to cook healthier meat with it than with the previous type.

Also, temperature management with a propane grill is a lot easier. The machine usually comes up with a switch that modifies the amount of released propane. By twisting this knob, you can set up the right heat as you desire for your cooking work.

Like the charcoal type, a propane combo has the smoker box attached on one of the two sides of it. This equipment will prevent the wood chips from exposing too much heat that may burn out your meat.

If you want to buy a propane combo, try this  Oklahoma Joe’s 15202029. Its grilling chamber contains 3 heavy-duty burners that provide up to 36,000 BTU of heat. Also, stoking the fire is a piece of cake, as the side firebox of it features an easy-access open door.

What turns this product down is the low portability of it. Whenever you use this combo, you need to prepare a large tank of propane as the grill fuel source. Of course, carrying both the gas tank and the machine around is not an easy task.

Pellet Grills And Smoker

Z Grills ZPG-7002F2

The pellet grills and smokers belong to the group of modern machines. Unlike the other 2 machine types above, which require you to stand next to them during the cooking time, this machine can work 100% automatically.

In detail, the pellet grills are designed with a powered auger and digital ventilation fans. These pieces of equipment will combine together to keep the heat at the most stable state. Your job is to add the pellets into the machine and digitally monitor the grill while cooking.

Pellets are known as natural hardwood pieces. Most BBQ lovers always use pellets because they can add more flavor to the meat. Try using a pellet grill, and you will be amazed by the crunchy and juicy taste of every barbecue piece!

The pellet grills work with neither charcoal or propane. Instead, these machines will cook the meat with their electric heating elements. Because of this function, the pellet grill and smoker combo are not only safe, easy but also very efficient to use.

Our best pick for the pellet grill smoker combo is the Z Grills ZPG-7002F2. What makes this product special is the electronic AUTO-Start ignition system.

Also, controlling this machine is very convenient, as it has a digital auto temperature adjustment and a LED indicator for heat.

As a high-end machine, the pellet smoker grill combo will be quite expensive. But in exchange for many modern features, this machine type totally deserves the price.

Hybrid Combo

Weber 15501001

Do you like both charcoal and propane grill? Can’t you decide which one is better to get? Why don’t you buy the hybrid combo – the machine that features both?

The hybrid grill smoker usually contains several burners that run on propane. The heat range of each cooking zone can run from 10,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU.

When you want your meat to have a smoky flavor, you can place the charcoal tray on this grill. The function of this hybrid machine will then be similar to an original charcoal combo!

Of course, the hybrid grill still comes along with an offset firebox. It will help you maintain the low heat to smoke the barbeques so that they can have the most juicy taste.

The Weber 15501001 is the best name in 2021 that we want to share with you. This machine offers you an electric Touch-N-Go gas system that supports propane ignition.

After the combo machine gets into work, the charcoal tray will keep the heat to support both indirect and direct grilling.

We admit that the price for a hybrid combo is not cheap. But as people say, you get what you pay for. The high-end features of this grill smoker type will never make you disappointed!

Section 2: Buying Guide

It is not difficult to find the best smoker grill combo barbecues in 2021. We will give you some useful tips that will help you decide on the most suitable product.

Choose The Product That Has Wide Temperature Range

Char-Griller E16620

Grill smoker combos support temperature adjustments. But the question is, how wide is the heat range?

Different food requires a specific amount of temperature to be well cooked. That’s why a good machine should have many levels of heat.

For example, the Char-Griller E16620 can work to maintain the temperature from 200°- 700° F. These heat levels allow you to do multiple tasks from the small ones like warming food, grilling vegetables to big ones like grilling and smoking a large amount of meat.

Notice The Cooking Areas Of The Machine

Masterbuilt MB20040220

The larger the cooking areas are, the more meat you can grill and smoke at the same time. You should ask the seller about the grilling space of the machine when buying.

High-quality machines contain 2 or more grilling rays. Some even feature warming grates, which you can use to keep the cooked food warm.

The average cooking space of a good grill smoker runs from 200 square inches to 600 square inches. Normally, 300 square inches are already good to cook a lot of meat at once.

We want to introduce to you this Masterbuilt MB20040220. With 2 powerful porcelain-coated racks, this product provides a large cooking area of 560 square inches. It will support grilling 37 sausages, 21 burgers, 4 pieces of pork meat, or 8 chicken meat at once.

How Good Is The Construction?

You surely don’t want your machine downgrading after a time of usage, right? Therefore, you must check the construction of the grill smoker before purchasing it.

Typically, the manufacturers build a grill smoker with metal, steel, or aluminum. They also coat the body of the appliances with cast iron so that they can prevent corrosion and resist impact from weather.

Section 3: FAQs

Below are some common questions that you may have while finding the best smoker grill combo barbecues.

#1: Is Propane Cheaper Than Charcoal?

A propane grill always costs much more than a charcoal one. But that is just the cost of the machine. In fact, you pay less for the fuel for the gas grill than for the charcoal one.

It is easy to understand, as charcoal is much more expensive than propane. We will assume that you do the grilling every week. In comparison, you need to spend about $31 buying gas or $180 getting the charcoal for the grill.

Of course, not all propane have the same price, so do charcoal types. But we compare the most economical fuel types here. You can notice that the gas is really more affordable.

#2: Can You Add Wood Chips To A Gas Grill?

Our answer is yes. Actually, if you want your barbecues to have a smoky flavor, we recommend adding the wood chips to the gas grill. When these chips are burned, the wood-fired taste will soak inside every piece of the meat.

The hardwood chips not only bring more flavor to the meat but also help maintain the smoke. You need to put a handful of wood chips into the grill after every 30 minutes of grilling time. The smoke will remain until there is no more wood that the grill can burn.

Besides, you can also place 2 – 3 packets of wood pieces on top of the smoker. This job will help create direct heat for more than 60 minutes.

#3: Which Is The Better Grill Smoker Combo Type, Charcoal, Or Propane?

It is hard to tell which is the better grill smoker combo between charcoal and propane. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The charcoal grill provides more heat than the gas smoker. It can also add a more smoky flavor to the meat when you grill. However, the temperature management of this machine is quite difficult.

In contrast, the gas grill smoker has a digital control panel that supports temperature adjustment better. Grilling with gas is also healthier than with charcoal.

When it comes to portability, the charcoal grill will show its advantage. You only need to carry the machine along with a packet of charcoals.

On the other hand, transportation with a propane grill is really a difficult task. Both the propane tank and the grill smoker are very heavy. You may need more than one person to move this machine type from place to place.

#4: Is Smoking Better Than Grilling?

Our answer is no. When you smoke the meat, the fire and smoke will be blocked inside. Your meat can not stay moist and flavorful as when it is cooked by a grill.

Also, grilling is much healthier. Because the food will contact the fire directly, the fats of the meat will be completely burned out. That’s why you may feel the barbeques dry when grilling.

You probably have not known, but vegetables and meats can retain more vitamins when they are burned. So if you want to bring more healthy substances to your body, you should grill instead of smoke the food!

#5: Can You Cook Burgers On A Pellet Grill?

Of course, you can. There is no problem cooking burgers on the pellet grill.

As mentioned above, pellets add more flavors to the food. This thing will help increase the smell and the taste of the meat. With this help, your burgers will be full of tasteful meat flavor.

Cooking the burgers with a pellet grill is not hard at all. You need to adjust the temperature to about 225 degrees of Fahrenheit.

The longer you smoke, the more flavor the burger meat will get. But don’t grill the food too long, or else it will have a burned flavor. The perfect period for cooking a burger is about 25 – 30 minutes.

Section 4: Final Thoughts

And now, we will announce the names of the 5 best smoker grill combo barbecues in 2021:

Among these 5 appliances, the Weber 15501001 is the best overall. As this smoker grill combo supports charcoal and propane burners, it can work as strong as a combination of both Royal Gourmet CC1830F and Oklahoma Joe’s 15202029.

Most products on this list can not support fast ignition, only the 15501001 does! All thanks to its electronic Touch-N-Go technology, the Weber combo machine will get into work after a few seconds!

The other products are also good to buy. Anyway, after learning our buying tips, you can now decide which product is the most suitable for you. We believe that you will make the right decision!

For further questions about this topic, please get in touch with us! We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end. We want to say many thanks to you for having read. Hopefully, you will get along well with the best smoker grill combo barbecues!